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New Platform Sizze! Create prototypes of High-Fidelity and export to React code.

Hello friends! Today we are pleased to present you new Sizze platform. Here you can easily prototype mobile app screens using base of prepared components and instantly upload the result to React or HTML code.

We are a comprehensive solution for the development of design and its instant integration into any project, making work easier and saving time for developers and designers.

  1. Code React

You can immediately view the element code and quickly copy it now. We are sure that the code was structured perfectly and could be easily implemented into any project.

We plan to develop export for other popular UI frameworks in future.

2. Base of components

We have developed base of templates that can be easily customized for novice users or users, who value their time. Our database contains all available elements of IOS applications (in the future Android and Desktop). This significantly saves time and makes it possible to quickly assemble high-quality prototypes.

We are currently updating the list of components on a weekly basis, following the current trends in mobile design.

3. View Mode

When we were developing this feature, we didn’t want it to be just static screenshots, we wanted to add some dynamic to the project. Especially for this in view mode you have the opportunity to see hovers and clicks for the created pages, it is also possible to switch between the light and dark versions.

4. Functional

We know how important it is for users that the editor is convenient and fast, therefore we have optimized it for all browsers and added the basic functions of modern graphic editors.

Sizze is still very early, but we would love to see what you can build with it at this stage!

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